European partnership

for pandemic preparedness


The BE READY project aims on laying the preparatory groundwork for the foundation of the future European partnership for pandemic preparedness which includes the preparation of an innovative and visionary SRIA for Pandemic Preparedness.

European partnership for pandemic preparedness

The envisioned European partnership for pandemic preparedness should focus on improving the EU’s preparedness to predict and respond to emerging infectious health threats.

Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA)

BE READY proposes to develop a dedicated SRIA focusing on two main axes. The first one will focus on Research and Health whereas the second one will take into account Health&Bio-Tech Research and Innovation.


Pandemic Preparedness and Response Observatory

The observatory will provide an inventory per country of R&I policies and strategies, infrastructures, budget mobilisation mechanisms & funding sources, and R&I actors, authorities & activated processes in case of a health threat, taken in EU Member States and Associated Countries, with respect to pandemic preparedness and response.


Broadening knowledge and cooperation are

BE READY groundwork

BE READY aims to support international cooperation to establish common objectives for research and innovation in pandemic preparedness. Through the creation of solid synergies among stakeholders, the European partnership for pandemic preparedness intends to advance anticipation, prevention and emergence mitigation of new epidemics or pandemics.

Our collaboration

Get to know the collective of committed people and organisations making useful and enduring outcomes to support BE READY objectives

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    “The ANRS | Emerging Infectious Diseases is in charge of supporting, coordinating and funding the national research community focused on Emerging Infectious Diseases (EID). Based on interdisciplinary research and with a One Health approach, the ANRS | Emerging Infectious Diseases has a unique capacity to contribute to the preparedness and response to EID. The involvement in the CSA BE READY as coordinator is a key component of the European and global strategy of the agency to foster coordination in preparation and response strategy to limit the effects of emerging epidemic events.”
    Prof. Yazdan Yazdanpanah
    Director of the ANRS | Emerging Infectious Diseases
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    “In line with the EC objectives, this research agenda should lead to innovations, by developing new preventive, diagnostic, and therapeutic measures. It will contribute to identify the basic molecular processes involved in infections by pathogenic microorganisms and their transmission from one individual to another, to predict, prevent, or control emerging phenomena at the global level, and thus directly or indirectly making our communities even more efficient in responding to emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases.”
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    “Observe, Analyse, Exchange, Be Ready!”
    Dr. Kathleen D'Hondt
    Policy Advisor at the Department Economy, Science and Innovation of the Flemish Government / Vlaamse Gewest (VLO EWI)
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    "BE READY is an important initiative to ensure that Europe is adequately prepared for future pandemics. This collaborative project brings together leading scientific, public health and governmental institutions across the EU to develop a framework for creating a European partnership that will allow us to respond to emerging health threats."
    Dr. Michael McConnell
    Associate Faculty at the National Center of Microbiology of the Carlos III Health Institute (ISCIII)
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    “In this vision and objectives, the CSA brings together Public health organisations, Ministries of Health, Research, Innovation, Research performing organisations from 15 countries from EU and associated countries. The coordination ensures a cross-cutting, interdisciplinary Global Health and One Health approach, involving the EU health institutional actors and relevant stakeholders in order to lay the preparatory groundwork for the foundation of the European Partnership for Pandemic preparedness.”
    Dr. Hervé RAOUL
    Coordinator of Be Ready, Deputy head of the ANRS|Emerging Infectious Diseases