• Composition

    The BE READY consortium is conducted by a group of 24 organisations of public domain from 13 European countries with complementary expertise and policy area ranging from Public Health Organisations, Ministries of Science, Health and Innovation, to organisations focused on Environmental matters. All partners have a key role in their respective countries in preparedness and response activities.

  • Coordination

    The coordination of the consortium has different layers to ensure a robust management system towards its objectives. It is coordinated by ANRS | Emerging Infectious Diseases - Institut national de la santé et de la recherche médicale (INSERM, France), together with the co-coordinators the Institute of Health Carlos III (Spain) and the Italian Ministry of Universities and Research (MUR, Italy). At a second level, the Work Package Leaders and co-leaders will act as an Operating Group (OG) for the daily operational activities and, finally, the whole group of partners will compose the Network Steering Committee, which is the ultimate decision body.

  • Methodology

    In order to fully deliver its objectives and achieve its expected outcomes, the project’s work plan is designed into three pillars that comprise seven work packages designed in order to both address the CSA’s objectives and the development of the project outputs.

    •  Building the Partnership: WP1 & WP2
    •  SRIA*: WP3 and WP4
    •  Synergies and Engagement: WP5, WP6 & WP7

    *Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda

Coordination Layers

Work Packages

Work package 1

Management and Secretariat

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Work package 2

Development of Partnership Proposal

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Work package 3

Research and Health

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Work package 4

Health & Bio-Tech Research and Innovation

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Work package 5

Cooperation with the Commission including HERA

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Work package 6

Synergies and EU-International alignment

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Work package 7

Dissemination, Exploitation and Communication

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