Pandemic Preparedness and Response Observatory


The observatory will provide an inventory per country of R&I policies and strategies, infrastructures, budget mobilisation mechanisms & funding sources, and R&I actors, authorities & activated processes in case of a health threat, taken in EU Member States and Associated Countries, with respect to pandemic preparedness and response.

The observatory consists of a first phase of country profiles that give an overview of what is going on in the different countries regarding R&I related to pandemic preparedness and response.


Country Profiles

The country profiles are based on input received via the EU survey and desktop research, and contain only public information.

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Austria is a federal state with a bottom-up funding system and no specific dedicated funding schemes for research within pandemic preparedness. Austria has specific PP research infrastructure, National Reference Centres & Reference Laboratories to monitor animal and human pathogens.


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Bulgaria participates in the process of development of the WHO pandemic instrument and is still working on the legal framework in regard to translational medicine and clinical trials.




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During the COVID pandemic, the Cyprus Ministry of Health was in charge of various actions.






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France has a national acceleration strategy for "Emerging infectious diseases and nuclear, radiological, biological and chemical threats" (MIE-MN)


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In Norway, pandemic centres play an important role in establishing collaboration and synergies and preparing society for future pandemics.


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Portugal has a programme for the prevention and control of infections and antimicrobial resistance.



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In Romania, in case of an emergency, all specialized national research and development institutes and universities will be mobilized under the coordination of both the Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digitalisation and the Ministry of Health.


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Throughout the pandemic, the response to COVID-19 has been coordinated at the national level. Slovenia has a Biosafety Stage 3 Pathogenic Microorganism Research Infrastructure Centre (IC BSL-3+)



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The Netherlands

In The Netherlands, various actors work actively on pandemic preparedness and response.





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